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Change Your Mind Change Your Life!

Transformational Life Coaching By Angela

Welcome and Congratulations on taking your first step to a new life of wellness, restoration, purpose and hope!!!!!

It's Time To Meet

Angela P. Taylor MBA, MM, CPC

My name is Angela Taylor and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) and Motivational Speaker. I am an active member of the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC).  I am very passionate about helping individuals who have been affected by and are recovering from the disease of addiction, abuse, and grief.  Not only that but I want to partner with those who wish to maximize their personal and professional potential as well. My life was affected by the disease of addiction as well. And it is because of that, I am here today joining in the fight against drug addiction, the ever present but silent pandemic that is claiming the lives of people each and every day.

I want to be an agent and catalyst of transformational change in your life and in the lives of others. I can achieve this by deepening your self-awareness and enhancing your personal growth which will enable you to become your best self and set goals that will allow you to achieve wellness, sobriety, and restoration in your life. Your best days are ahead of you, not behind you. And as your life coach, I can help you achieve your goals and help you maximize your potential in any area of your life on a personal or professional level. Together we can tap into your own gifts and celebrate the beauty of who you are and were created to be. If given the right tools, I believe anyone can achieve greatness and I am committed to guide you along the way. With the right guidance and support, you can live a happier and more fulfilled life. I am here to help you believe in yourself and identify your inner power. My goal is to help all of my clients realize their full potential, build self-confidence, and find purpose. 

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Education & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts - Speech Communication 

  • Master of Business Administration 

  • Master of Management

  • Certified Professional Coach - Texas A & M Corpus Christi 

  • Accredited By The International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches

Grow Your Vision

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Does something in your life need to change?

  • Have you been trying to move forward in some area of your life but there are obstacles in the way that you just can't seem to break through?

  • Do you have goals that you want to achieve but it seems like "LIFE" just keeps getting in the way?

  • Are there areas in your life that are completely out of balance that are causing unwanted stress and anxiety? 

  • Has your life been affected by the disease of addiction, any type of loss, divorce, or some other hurtful circumstance?

  • Are you struggling to rebuild a life of enjoyment, sobriety, and purpose or to rebuild damaged relationships with family or to develop new relationships?

  • Do you or a loved one need assistance with finding a drug addiction treatment facility or program?


And your decision to hire a life coach is the first step to change!!!!

So how can you benefit from hiring a professional life coach?

As your Coach, I offer clients fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decisions-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. Life coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great.

What do I as a Life Coach believe?


I believe that clients are the source of their own solutions.

A coach is a trusted professional who can do the following:


  • help clients think through options bring stability to life's instability

  • help the client find inner resources to press through and achieve their desired goals

  • help clients remember who they are as their best selves

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Our Mission

To empower people whose lives have been broken by the disease of addiction, divorce, grief, abuse, domestic violence and any other personal struggles to live more purposeful, fulfilled, and restored lives.

Our Vision

To provide insight, inspiration, support, and encouragement to individuals and families recovering from the disease of addiction, divorce, abuse,  grief, and various types of struggles and to promote wellness and restoration through personal tranformation and endles possibilities 

ATW News!

Awaken To Wellness And Restoration Now Offers 

Income-Based Fee-For-Services!

Our Services


Additional Coaching & Programs Provided

Christian/ Spiritual Coaching

This coaching is designed to help individuals to develop, deepen, and improve their personal relationship, spiritual practices, and connection to God.

Stress & Anxiety Coaching

This coaching is designed for individuals who struggle with stress and anxiety.

Health & Wellness Coaching

This coaching is designed for individuals who need assistance with achieving health and wellness goals.

Family Recovery Support Program


6-Week Program: Rebuilding Broken Relationships On The Pathway of Recovery 

This program is designed to help  individuals in recovery rebuild damaged relationships with their families. The disease of addiction not only affects the life of the addict, but it also affects the lives of the people who love them the most which causes relationships to become damaged or even broken.

Recovery Support Program

12-Week Program: The Bridge From Addiction To Purposeful Living
This program is designed to provide additional support to individuals who have been discharged from an in-patient or out-patient addiction treatment facility. The first three months after discharge from a rehabilitation facility for a recovering addict is the most critical period. This program provides these individuals with the education, support and recovery coaching needed to prevent potential relapses and new addictions.

Free Drug Addiction Treatment  & Support Programs Assistance

We help families and individuals who are battling the disease of addiction to locate in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities and programs. We understand that it takes a village to save a life and we are dedicated to our mission which is to help people live more purposeful, fulfilled, and restored lives.  


Watch and Listen Live!

Live every 4th Wednesday on Transformation Talk Radio and The Transformation Network.

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