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Angie's Daily Word of Restoration: Strength For Your Journey

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! If you are reading this post right now, I already know that you are in need of strength for the journey. We all are!!! Life is a journey. And since everyone's life is different, everyone's journey is different. This is why we can't look at others and compare ourselves to them or our lives to theirs. Behind closed doors, you don't know what another person may be going through, you don't know their troubles. Actually, their trouble may be worse than yours if you only knew! People won't tell you everything.

We can't use other people as a measuring stick to determine if our own lives are good, bad, successful, etc. God wrote each day of our lives before we were conceived in our mother's wound. Nothing that happens to you, me or anyone is a surprise or coincidence to God. He is the Creator of the Universe. The one and only True God. He preserves the earth by His wisdom. So we don't have to live in fear or panic. God has great plans for you and me. Yes, our Father has great plans for us.

So in closing this post to you my friend, I don't know what you or your family may be experiencing today, but whatever it is, let God be your strength today. Take whatever troubles you may be facing to your prayer closet. Pray to your Heavenly Father in secret and He will reward you openly. Now ... when you exit your prayer closet, before you shut the door, remember to LEAVE your troubles and take only God's strength, peace, and assurance with you.

Until the next time, have a great weekend and be blessed!

Your Life Coach,

Angela P. Taylor

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