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Is It Possible To Move Past My Painful Divorce And Live My Best Life?

Divorce can be best defined as the process of terminating a marriage or marital union. People choose to divorce for a number of reasons. Some people divorce because of infidelity, adultery, domestic violence or abuse, addiction and substance abuse, lack of commitment, irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, financial problems, physicological stress, and physcological abuse and the list can go on and on and on.

Some individuals, after going through a divorce, seem to be happier and are able to continue on with life accomplishing their long-term and short-term goals while also discovering their true God-given purpose.

But for other individuals, life after divorce can be a very devastating, painful, frightening, confusing, and difficult process. Life, for them, seems like it has come to a complete stop. Can anyone relate?

During my career as a professional life coach, I have discovered that after a divorce, many individuals just don't know who they are any more and this is a very common feeling. Most people can't figure out how to live life for themselves and this is mainly because, depending on the lenght of time they were married, they lived their life for the other person or focused so much on their family, that they never really took the time or had the time to focused on who they were. And this is also very common.

After a divorce, learning one's self, discovering life's purpose, discovering talents and gifts, learning strenghts and weaknesses, overcoming certain fears, abandoning negative thought patterns, creating new habits, establishing healthy boundaries, developing new relationships, setting and acomplishing personal and career goals can look almost impossible for some.

But the good news is's not IMPOSSIBLE!!! There is life after divorce and sometimes all that is needed to make that life a reality is some professional support, guidance, education, and someone who believes in you more than you do! So if this is you, please reach out for help and begin your journey to a life of wellness and restoration.

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